Take Action Instantly from Anywhere.
Real-time vendor agnostic network management tool for your existing network, security, & cloud infrastructure with the power of true ZeroCode Automation.

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LONI provides actionable data served via an unrivaled user experience for managing and automating your core infrastructure, maximizing uptime and efficiency.

Powered by machine learning-based intelligence, LONI uses a single API and provides true ZeroCode Automation.

When combined with the power of your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, you have a Universal API & Orchestration Controller in your hand.

Make Informed Decisions  & Take Action Faster

Powered by machine learning-based intelligence, with a convenient single API, and providing true ZeroCode Automation, LONI is a Universal API & Orchestration Controller (UAOC). 

Our ZeroCode Automation tool automates any task without you writing a single line of code;  reducing time, cost, errors, and risk. 

Anywhere, Anytime

LONI (Logical Objective Network Intelligence) is the world’s first device, vendor, and infrastructure agnostic network management platform available on desktop, and the first to provide full capabilities on mobile and IoT. 

LONI is the solution, not another project.

Network Management End-to-End

Filter the Noise to Actionable Data

Network Engineers are Not Software Engineers

1st Alert vs. 1st Action

Defend from Anywhere

Be There, Even When You Can’t

Ditch the Keyboard

Filter the Noise to Actionable Data

Unified management, automation, intelligence, and operations for your security, cloud, network, and IOT infrastructure. Single source of truth for actionable data. Manage any device with an IP address.

Freedom To Do Anything, From Anywhere.

Centralized network management, automation, and operations via one API – plus the power to perform any task from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

LONI Integrates & Supports Most Vendors

Clients about LONI

Jonathan Yearwood

Network Engineer, TRAC Intermodal

Loni really makes life easier for me. The ability to have a NOC and SDN controller in my pocket is just powerful.

Leart Sapunxhiu

Senior Network Architect, Cloud Connectiv

I have the ability to do almost any network task from my smartphone. This helps not only to react to alerts quickly but provides the ability to take instant action towards resolving an issue.

Charles Perez

Senior Director of Infrastructure Technology

Using LONI, the infrastructure team dedicates more time developing value-add features and services for our customers and less time on infrastructure tasks - resulting in a better solution for our customers.

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What's New?

Google Glass partners with LONI to integrate wearable technology into Network Operations and Automation. Learn how LONI turns the Google Smart Glasses into an SDN controller capable of managing your network and security infrastructure.
LONI makes Gartner's 2022 Market Guide for Network Automation & Orchestration.

Easily collaborate and communicate from a single platform using desktop, mobile, & IOT.

Manage any device remotely. Collaborate with team. Plus, our Unified Ticketing timeline allows you to stay in the know.