Security MobilITy

Defend from Anywhere

Security MobilITy provides a single API for all network management, operations, and automation while leveraging the power of mobile devices. This revolutionary platform empowers security teams to monitor and prevent potential events from a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

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Defend your network from anywhere with the power of mobile

Having one mobile platform to view, analyze and mitigate threats can boost detection and response times. Security MobilITy's full visibility, immediate action, and on-demand attack mitigation automation features enable more effective security and risk reduction.

Gain Full Visibility

The myriad of hardware and software platforms in a typical enterprise can prevent monitoring solutions from seeing the complete environment. Security MobilITy integrates with your existing infrastructure, whether legacy or newer hardware, on-premises or cloud, to provide access to all relevant data and enhance the effectiveness of your security tools. Reduce unchecked security threats, data breaches, compliance issues, downtime, and disruptions.

Instant DDoS Mitigation

How quickly can you take the first action after detecting a cyber attack? Security MobilITy turns your mobile devices into a SOC with the ability to both view and mitigates attacks. View impact and target of an attack. With the press of a button, push policies to your firewall or make an API call to your DDoS appliance. Reduce downtime and avoid costly disruptions.

Manage compromised accounts

When a user seemingly logs in from multiple locations within a short timeframe, taking swift action to investigate and address this suspicious activity is critical. With Security MobilITy you can detect and address land speed violations from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Access AD and disable compromised accounts.

Effortless firewall configuration

When you can manage firewall configurations from an easy-to-use mobile interface, it frees you up to focus on protecting your network. Manage and configure VPN Tunnels, Access-Lists, Policies, Object-Groups, Address-Groups, and NAT. Prevent attacks with features such as the ability to instantly block or shun malicious IP addresses. Automate firewall tasks and processes as needed without writing code.

Are you completing security and compliance tasks manually? Use our ZeroCode Automation for:

  • Threat detection & response. Automate threat analysis, investigation, response, containment, and resolution.
  • Compliance & audit. Automate security and compliance processes, apply best practices and policies. Deploy VTY ACLs, hardening, SNMP, AAA, and Syslog template configurations.​​
  • Operations compliance. Automate critical tasks, such as device configuration backups, verifying boot statements match OS, and code/firmware upgrades
ZeroCode Automation