Cybercriminals are constantly evolving their tools and techniques. You must stay a step ahead

At a time when availability has never been more important, DDoS and cyberattacks continue to rise in size, frequency, and complexity. It’s not just large, high-profile financial or retail and e-commerce companies that target. Cybercriminals see small and medium enterprises as easy targets since they tend to have limited IT resources. Are you prepared to stop them before they impact the reputation, productivity, and profitability of your company? Using a mobile-first platform that streamlines network and security operations with one API can extend IT staff capacity so your organization can stay ahead of cyber threats.

How quickly can you take the first action after detecting a cyber attack?

Defend your network from anywhere instantly with MobileSOC. LONI turns your mobile devices into an SOC with the ability to both view and mitigates attacks.
● View impact and target of an attack.
● With the press of a button, push policies to your firewall or make an API call to your DDoS appliance.
● Reduce downtime and avoid costly disruptions.

Watch MobileNoc

Watch LONI in action.

Automate and manage your security infrastructure

Instant visibility into your IDS/IPS appliances and firewalls.
Automate mitigation or mitigate from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or smart glasses. Easily block any attack.

Mitigate for mobile

Take immediate actions on compromised

When a user seemingly logs in from multiple locations within a short timeframe, taking swift action to investigate and address this suspicious activity is critical. With LONI you can detect and address land speed violations from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Access AD and disable compromised accounts.