Unified Ticketing

Seamlessly integrate your ITIL change control and incident management process.

Navigating multiple ticketing systems, especially during service interruptions wastes valuable time. This lag time adds up and eventually impacts business productivity and profitability. LONI includes the first and only universal ticketing API. LONI integrates your internal carrier and hardware vendor ticketing systems. This allows you to view and update any ticket from one location versus logging into multiple systems to log the same update.

Watch MobileNoc

Watch LONI in action.

Enhance Efficiency

One centralized ticketing window where you can view the status of an incident whether the updates are coming from an internal colleague or third party carrier.

Incident Correlation

Automatically correlate incidents in ServiceNow to the correct CI in both service now and monitoring. With this integration your network team will only have to worry about one incident per infrastructure issue keeping them from chasing phantom incidents. Confidently know the current state of an infrastructure related incident by having real-time incident updates automatically populated.

Unify your ticketing