Unified Network Intelligence

Unified intelligence, management, automation, and operations for your network, security, cloud, and IoT infrastructure.

Filter the noise to actionable data. LONI’s UNI (Unified  Network Intelligence) provides today's complex enterprises not only a centralized single pane for intelligent management and automation but also a true single source of truth for your network, security, and cloud infrastructure. Intelligently manage any device with an IP address across your global enterprise. 

Harvest the power of AIOps

The term AIOps for IT operations was introduced by Gartner. It describes leveraging technology platforms and processes to enable IT, infrastructure engineers/teams, to make faster, more accurate decisions and take the first action to the resolution of network and infrastructure incidents more quickly.

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UNI increases the efficiency and performance of your network operations and management enabling company productivity and profitability.

How UNI works

Loni’s UNI consumes and contextualizes large volumes of your infrastructure telemetry and logs data real-time or near-real-time. We combine that data with relevant log data and historical data to generate actionable insights.

Enterprises leverage UNI as part of their automated infrastructure and operations workflows, from improving security and outage incident response times to hardware and software lifecycle management.

The immediate value derived from UNI is performance analysis, anomaly detection, and event correlation that gives the ability to predict future network-impacting events.

UNI Capabilities
Problem Isolation & Root Cause Analysis

With the large volumes of data in today’s networks, it’s difficult to pinpoint problems raised in trouble tickets, much less those that haven’t been brought to the attention of IT. AIOps correlates events in real-time by processing contextualized data, allowing operations teams to identify and rectify issues promptly.

Data-driven decision-making

ML algorithms drive data-based analysis, which offers operational recommendations or remediations rather than predetermined responses to networking faults or anomalies. This data-centric approach improves operations staffs’ troubleshooting efficiency.

Predictive reporting

AIOps predicts network behavior and offers recommendations or remediations for fixing degraded performance and other anomalies within the network. This allows teams to be proactive in managing network operations, rather than chasing down issues that have already had an impact on users and the business. As a result, IT frees up time once spent in fire-fighting mode to tackle future business objectives.

Network engineers are not software engineers

Reduce Downtime with Unified Network Intelligence (UNI)

  • Automates and consolidates triage data, from multiple sources, needed for instant action
  • Collects and learns the data/details of operational environment
  • Correlates network and security logs and activities to identify and resolve incidents before they happen or observed
  • Provides initial root cause analyses of incidents as or before they occur based on machine learning and intelligent automation

Automated Network Assistant

A virtual network infrastructure assistant using natural language processing (NLP) enhanced by network automation and mobile to offer a powerful portable interface that can contextualize requests, accelerate troubleshooting, and assistant in making strategic decisions or recommendations to streamline network operations.

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