Routing & Switching

Save time, money, and energy with the help of RouterJock, a routing & switching tool designed by network engineers

Make wide-scale, routine changes in less time with LONI Routing & Switching module or leverage our Zero code automation for tedious, repeatable tasks. Using our powerful UI and RouterJock, LONI enables you to easily scale configuration changes. LONI’s RouterJock uses pre-defined vendor-agnostic configuration templates. Then takes engineers' intent and parameters from the template and deploys a vendor/OS-specific set of configuration commands. RouterJock also lets you schedule changes for deployment.

By automatically completing routing and switching operations, automation, and configuration tasks, LONI allows you to focus on driving innovative solutions for your business.

Drastically simplify VLAN and port  management

Manage, view, or automate all VLAN-related changes. Create VLANs, modify VLANs, modify data VLAN configurations, voice VLAN configurations, and Spanning-Tree Parameters.

Whether in the Campus LAN or Data Center, basic VLAN changes can be time-consuming when you factor in change tickets, change management meetings, change notifications, and other operational tasks. While this is a simple change, it can still have an operational impact, especially if you need to span any VLANs on trunks.

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  • Peer Management

    Easily view and manage peers and neighbors whether CDP, LLDP, BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, MPLS

  • Port Management

    View, manage, or automate interface and port configurations for routed ports, switched ports, trunk ports, SVIs, and Port-Channels.

  • Policy Management

    Manage, view, or automate access-list, prefix-list, and route-maps.

Unified Network Inteligence

LONI’s RouterJock reduces time, cost, errors and risk

  • Automatically back up configurations for routers, switches, firewalls, controllers, and more.
  • Quickly and reliably deploy standardized configuration changes across your routers and other devices.
  • Know when a configuration has been changed and see exactly what changed and who changed it.
  • View, track, deploy, and back up all network device configurations from one location.
  • Restore a failed device by stacking a new device and uploading the configuration from a backup.
  • Fast and error-free execution of configuration changes
  • Easily deploy approved device configuration changes individually or in bulk.
  • Helps ensure configurations comply with regulations

For IT organizations

Big or small, implementing automation lowers costs, increases productivity, and drives business improvements and profitability.

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