Automation & Workflows

When it comes to network and security automation, one size does not fit all

IT organizations implement tasks, processes, and workflows in different ways. The data required varies from company to company. LONI’s ZeroCode Automation includes pre-built integrations to fit any organization's needs.

LONI R&D can also collaborate with your network, security, and cloud teams to custom-build workflows and automated processes for your specific needs.

Correlate all network, security and cloud information

No more multiple log-ins, tools, screens, and manual processes. Instantly access and correlate actionable data from your routers, switches, firewall, servers, cloud, carriers, TAC (hardware vendors), tickets systems, and any API accessible resource. Enable maximum process efficiency, uptime, and ability to take instant action when needed. 

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Automation and workflows free from silos

You need tools that can inform each IT team of departmental incidents while also presenting data to help collaborate on global incidents. We will work with your infrastructure teams to identify the most valuable information to automate incident triage and diagnostics.

Loni’s team works with you to identify key components for a successful automation and workflow strategy

  • Real-time Single Source of Truth - A real-time data warehouse for your IT infrastructure information about the desired network state for LONI  to validate, analyze, and self triage.  Data may include logs, log anomalies, topology changes, routing state changes, hardware errors, software errors, address assignments, network protocol neighbors, interface operational state, and reachability.
  • ZeroCode Automation - A vendor agonistic north-bound API capable of automating any task within an IT organization without writing a single line of code.
  • Abstraction layer - ZeroCode Automation provides a device-agnostic abstraction layer model that allows engineers to focus on outcomes instead of vendor-specific details, simplifying the network device interface.
  • UI & Digitization -  We work with you to create a custom UI for all your automation processes that are available on Apple IOS or Desktop.
  • Universal ticketing - Integrate with your internal ticketing systems and carrier and hardware vendor ticketing systems. Automate the creation, updating of tickets for IT infrastructure incidents.
  • Orchestrate processes that span multiple infrastructure layers.
  • Automate deployment of new servers, IP segments, routes, load balancer VIPs, and firewall policies.
  • Leverage ZeroCode Automation to dynamically document network and cloud infrastructure diagrams and datacenter rack elevations.

For IT organizations, however big or small...

Implementing automation lowers costs, increases productivity and drives business improvements, and profitability.

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