Network Digitization

Your enterprise network infrastructure, digitized and with mobile access. Paving the way for NextGen network support.

Deliver the best end-user and IT service delivery experiences leveraging automation, mobile & machine learning. Loni can simplify and automate any IT process with our vendor and infrastructure agnostic platform. Streamline efficiency and reduce the time to deliver IT services and resources. 

Transform your network & IT infrastructure

Without writing a single line of code, LONI's ZeroCode Automation enables you to automates your legacy network infrastructure and business processes that are typically done manually via desktop and pairs this with LONI's MobileNOC, an easy-to-use mobile UI as a frontend.

Watch MobileNoc

Watch LONI in action.

Your digital transformation is within reach

LONI will build the foundation for your digital network transformation by bringing everything together into a centralized mobile-ready infrastructure that is simple, intelligent, automated, and secure.

Digitization with LONI

Step 1. Identity processes that can be automated.
Step 2. Automate tasks and processes without writing a single line of code.​
LONI takes it a step further giving your IT organization the ability to execute those processes from a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or IoT device.

How LONI works

LONI integrates with your existing infrastructure whether you have newer hardware with APIs or legacy hardware that requires CLI scrubbing. There are no additional hardware investments or upgrades required.​

True unified ticketing

IT organizations need a single platform to manage all ticketing whether internal, carrier, or hardware is vendor-related.
Add in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and AI to increase efficiency.
The results: faster issue resolution, proactive issue detection, and mitigation, minimized risk, and reduced costs.

Make your NextGen network infrastructure a reality. Manage and configure your enterprise network from anywhere – desktop, tablet, smartphone, or another mobile device

  • Vendor agnostic
  • Single API
  • Not Wi-Fi dependent
  • Seamless implementation