Manage, troubleshoot or automate your infrastructure anytime, anywhere

MobilITy is the first and only mobile network app to provide a 360-degree view of your entire network environment with the ability to execute or automate tasks, mitigate attacks, open/view carrier, and TAC tickets. Whether it’s for routing, switching, firewall, load balancer, cloud, ESX, or AD-related, MobilITy takes all the value and functionality of LONI and makes it readily available on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Transform your mobile device into a NOC

The power to leverage your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch for automating and managing your network, cloud, or IoT infrastructure.

Watch MobileNoc

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The new norm no longer has engineers living in the office or data center.

Just like we use mobile apps for banking and medical care, wouldn’t it be more efficient to have the network and IT infrastructure tools available on a mobile device?

More than network monitoring

With today's complex hybrid networks, it is crucial that we leverage the tools at our disposal more effectively for steady productivity, rapid response, and efficient network management.
MobilITy allows for centralized management and administration of any enterprise network component using a tablet, smartphone, smartwatch, and smart glasses.

Instant visibility and first action

MobilITy provides crucial insight into performance and helps solve bottlenecks and slowness. The right statistics and data about traffic flows, device configurations, and user behavior can identify problems quickly, or even before they happen.
Having that information immediately accessible, in the palm of your hand, makes things easier. MobilITy users increase productivity and save time with a simple tap on a smart device, whether in the office, at home, or commuting.

See everything from anywhere

Being able to troubleshoot a faulty network quickly and efficiently is a necessity. However, it is hard to predict when a network will go down, or when an internet connection will begin to lose strength.
MobilITy lets you see and respond to trouble spots from any location without having to go further than your pocket to take immediate action on an incident or outage.

Collaborate remotely