Don’t let firewall oversights put your business at risk.

With the explosion of the cloud, going all-digital, and the growing number of applications and devices, network ecosystems have become so complicated that a simple oversight on a firewall may render the entire network offline and expose the business to DDoS and cyber attacks. By automating policies, compliance checks, and configuration deployments, you can reduce deployment times, the potential for errors, vulnerabilities, and audit failures. LONI enables you to instantly take the first action or automate security policy visibility, threat mitigation, configuration, and compliance. Using the LONI’s vendor and infrastructure agnostic, single-pane platform, you gain visibility, control, and the ability to instantly remediate across your entire network environment.

Instant Failover

Failover HA pairs without having to access CLI or device GUI.

Watch MobileNoc

Watch LONI in action.

Instant Attack Mitigation

See attacks and immediately stop them whether that means creating a new firewall policy, mitigating a DDoS attack, shunning an IP, closing a port, or taking action right from your firewall logs. 

Without writing a single line of code, instantly mitigate any type of security attack via LONI’s  ZeroCode Automation capabilities or right from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Defend from anywhere