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LONI's mission is to give IT organizations the power to filter through the noise and get actionable data via an unrivaled user experience for managing and automating  core infrastructure, maximizing uptime and efficiency.

Anywhere, Anytime

LONI (Logical Objective Network Intelligence) is the world’s first device, vendor, and infrastructure agnostic network management platform available on desktop, and the first to provide full capabilities on mobile and IoT.

Let LONI Do That

Powered by machine learning-based intelligence, a universal API, and true ZeroCode Automation, LONI is a (UAOC) Universal API & Orchestration Controller. Our ZeroCode Automation allows your IT organization to automate any task without writing a single line of code reducing time, cost, errors, and risk.

Make informed decisions & take action faster

We go beyond trending buzzwords and concepts. We deliver real, accessible solutions for your most complex network challenges.

Unified Network Intelligence
ZeroCode Automation
Security MobilITy
ANA - Automated Network Assistant​

Products developed with IT network professionals in mind.

Seeing and acknowledging an alert is good, but how soon can you take the first action? Our founder and product lead has been in your shoes and believes we can help your organization. It is hard to predict when a network will go down, or when an internet connection will begin to lose strength, which makes it practically impossible to keep an eye on the network without dedicating your entire day to just watching for a fault.

Thankfully, the LONI team has created a platform that not only lets you respond to trouble spots from any location, but also helps you manage, monitor, and automates any component of your enterprise IT infrastructure without having to reach further than your pocket.

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LONI integrates and supports most vendors