ZeroCode Automation

Network Engineers are Not Software Engineers

ZeroCode Automation by LONI does the backend scripting, CLI scrubbing, and API calls for you. Use our simple yet powerful UI to perform or automate any task.

Automate as little or as much as you need to meet business demands without writing a single line of code.

Seamless automation when you need it

Let LONI’s ZeroCode Automation module take care of all the backend scripting, CLI scrubbing, and API calls for you. Use our simple yet powerful UI to perform or automate any task.

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On-demand Flexibility in a Simple User Interface

Take command of your network

LONI revolutionizes automation by providing true ZeroCode Automation with a CLI option. This on-demand flexibility combined with a simple interface enables you to take command of your network.

What is network automation?

Network automation shifts manual tasks performed in each layer of network infrastructure to software tools and applications. Using the software, such as Python, Netconf, or direct API, you can automate network and security provisioning and management. With newer hardware, you can automate your network using restful APIs. With legacy hardware, automation involves having a script log into devices via an SSH session, running commands to collect data, or applying configurations.

Who is network automation for?

For most IT organizations however big or small, implementing automation lowers costs, increases productivity, and drives business improvements and profitability.
Automating repetitive tasks and tasks subject to human error frees engineers to focus on more complex business deliverables. Reducing manual intervention allows IT organizations to decrease downtime and improve service.

With no coding or complex implementations, ZeroCode Automation makes it easy for any organization to adopt automation.

Make automation scalable

Zero code. Automate tasks without writing a single line of code.​

Simple user interface. Consolidate all APIs and scripts in one place and execute automated tasks with a simple UI.​​

Real intent-based networking. Leverages AI and Natural Language Processing​​

Vendor and infrastructure agnostic

Router Jock device selector allows you to select multiple devices regardless of vendor, model number, OS version/type​.

Simplify compliance tasks

Compliance & audit. Automate security and compliance processes, apply best practices and policies. Deploy VTY ACLs, hardening, SNMP, AAA, and Syslog template configurations.​​

Operations compliance. Automate critical tasks, such as device configuration backups, verifying boot statements match OS and code/firmware upgrades.​

ZeroCode Automation simplifies your day-to-day so you can focus on innovation

With seamless automation and orchestration, you can complete tasks and processes such as:

  • creating and modifying VLANs across multiple devices
  • routing policy changes for prefix-list and route-maps
  • updating SNMP
  • Load balancing
  • deploying a new syslog server
  • managing firewall policy
  • compliance configurations
  • backup configurations

Never restore a configuration or device from scratch again. 

Restoring configurations and devices from scratch will further delay outages and service degradations. Automating configuration backups and changes provides a quick restore point and gives you an archive of your configuration and change history

ZeroCode Automation