LONI (Logical Objective Network Intelligence)

The world’s first device, vendor, and infrastructure agnostic network management platform are available on the desktop to provide full capabilities on mobile and IoT.

Powered by machine learning-based intelligence, a universal API, and true ZeroCode Automation, LONI is a Universal API & Orchestration Controller. 

Unified Network Intelligence

Unified management, automation, intelligence, and operations for your network, security, cloud, and IOT infrastructure.
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Automated Network Assistant

A virtual infrastructure engineer powered by natural language processing is ready to assist with any network infrastructure task.
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Leverage IoT devices such as smart glasses and drones for instant visibility of your data center and seamless collaboration with remote team members.
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Security MobilITy

Instantly mitigate cyber attacks from your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Automate and manage your security infrastructure with the power of mobile.
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The power to leverage your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch for the automation and management of your network, cloud, or IoT infrastructure.
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ZeroCode Automation

Automate any task in your IT infrastructure without writing a single line of code. Let infrastructure engineers focus on infrastructure while LONI takes care of the code.
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Clients about LONI

Charles Perez

Senior Director of Infrastructure Technology

Using LONI, the infrastructure team dedicates more time developing value-add features and services for our customers and less time on infrastructure tasks - resulting in a better solution for our customers.