Automated Network Assistant

Complete network task with simple voice commands.

Be more productive with a virtual infrastructure engineer, powered by machine learning and natural language processing, that is ready to assist with any network infrastructure task.

Meet ANA.
Your Automated Network Assistant.

ANA is capable of assisting you with the network, security, and cloud operations, management, and automation while you focus on higher-level tasks.

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About ANA

LONI can assist you with network, security, and cloud operations, management, and automation leveraging Natural Language Processing. This helps eliminate repetitive functions so you can focus on innovation.

How LONI Virtual Assistant Works

LONI performs initial triage for incidents and provides teams with actionable items to restore service or remediate issues when automation isn't an option.

Conversational Interface

Natural Language Processing (NLP) understands engineer intent. Take action without using specific dashboards or CLI commands to implement the change.

AI-driven Insights

- Anomaly detection and root cause analysis
- Automatically takes action or provides recommendations to proactively fix issues
- Reduces tickets and simplifies troubleshooting
- The mobile client enables inside-out view of the network, from the device’s perspective.

How Can ANA Help?

  • Improve productivity and IT efficiencies, minimizing the time to collect information, provide support to business units, reduce incidents and outages, and reduce median time to restore services.
  • Enterprises get a significant increase in services and application availability resulting in increased productivity and profitability.
  • LONI machine learning and NLP transforms enterprise network into a competitive advantage