Compute & AD

Manage or automate your compute & AD infrastructure from a single pane.

As a device, vendor & infrastructure agnostic, network management platform, LONI makes it easy to perform operational tasks in any IT infrastructure environment regardless of the number of devices or locations. 

Achieve greater efficiency by managing your ESX, Active Directory, AWS, and Azure infrastructure from one platform on any device – desktop, smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Hypervisors & Virtualization (ESX)

Create, manage start, stop, reboot, and migrate VMs across hosts.

Watch MobileNoc

Watch LONI in action.

Active Directory. Gain control of your AD environment with LONI’s powerful, user-friendly interface

AD tasks can be cumbersome to perform with native tools or they may require deep knowledge of PowerShell. LONI is a vendor-agnostic solution that allows you to:

  • Manage your AD objects
  • Apply customizable account creation and modification templates
  • Securely delegate help desk permissions.
  • Manage, view, or automate repetitive tasks, such as password resets, account creation, permissions, group memberships and security processes

End-to-End Public Cloud Management

Manage and view ESX, AWS and Azure VMs


View and manage any compute node in your private and public cloud.

Reboot, Start, Stop, RDP or SSH to VMs.


Take instant action during outages no matter where you are.

View and modify security groups.


View and modify security groups or AD groups.